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The AntiSpoofing Wiki project is a niche analog of Wikipedia on biometric anti-spoofing. Antispoofing refers to protection against cyber-attacks in which a scammer identifies him/herself as another person with the aim of getting access to critical data or information. Alternatively, a scammer can also try to generate a completely non-existent personality. Spoofing (spoofing attacks) can be carried out through websites, mobile apps, video calls, audio messages, etc.

The primary objective of biometric spoofing is to gain access to personal or other critical data, theft, financial fraud, and hacking of a network access control secured with a biometric system. Therefore, protective methods, also called antispoofing techniques, are put in place to prevent such attacks. For more information on biometric antispoofing, please refer to the first article on our Wiki - Anti-Spoofing & Liveness Detection. The site has multiple articles that provide further insights on this topic.

This site was created to acquaint readers with the following subject areas:
  1. Anti-spoofing
  2. Types of spoofing attacks
  3. Methods to combat attacks
The site includes the following sections:
  • Articles: The section where all informative articles on this topic are published. These articles are added by site administrators and users who have editing access to the site. Any person(s) who demonstrate expertise in the area of anti-spoofing can create or edit articles after being granted access by site administrators.
  • FAQ: The section has standard Q&A including a website user guide containing answers to questions such as: What is this site about, How to use the site, How to use search, How and why to register on the site, How do I create an article and How do I edit an article.
  • About (this page): This section tells what the site is all about and its purpose.
  • Request account: This page is where a user can request access to edit and create articles.
  • Log in: The page is where users can enter their login and password to access their personal account on the site.
  • Create new page: This page allows users to create a new article.
  • Privacy policy: This page underlines the policies governing collection, use, and sharing of user data collected from AntiSpoofing Wiki users.
  • Cookie statement: This page offers a guide explaining how the site uses cookies (and other local storage technologies), how third-party cookies are used, and how users can administer their cookie settings.
  • Terms of Use: This section provides information about public services on AntiSpoofing Wiki, the site's relationship with users, and the rights and obligations governing the site.

We hope that you will find this site worthwhile and be proactive in its development. We are glad to receive any feedback that will help improve the site's operation. If you have any comments and suggestions, please send them via the feedback form on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting AntiSpoofing Wiki. We hope you find our contributions helpful!


What is this site about?

The AntiSpoofing Wiki site is about combating biometric spoofing, which has become a highly topical matter with the development of IT technologies. A biometric spoofing is an act of disguising oneself as a specific user with the aim to get access to critical data or information, or, on the contrary, tries to generate a non-existent personality. The spoofing (spoofing attacks) can be made through websites, mobile apps, video calls, audio messages, etc...

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How to use the site?

The AntiSpoofing Wiki includes the following sections: 1. Main (can be edited by users) content: 1.1. Articles section contains all the main site content, available for editing by anyone who is quite knowledgeable in anti-spoofing and who has requested and gained access from site administrators to edit them. You can edit already published articles or create new ones, in both cases the changes you made will take effect after being checked by the moderation team...

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How to use search?

The search bar is placed in the site header right next to the AntiSpoofing Wiki logo. To use the search, enter a word or phrase you need into the search box (if it’s a phrase, it will search for an identical match). Next, click on the magnifying glass icon or tooltip, or the Enter button on the keyboard to start the search. Further, you can see the number of resources found by search query, view the search results and click on a specific source, select a different search domain...

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How and why to register on the site?

To enhance the quality of articles (considering that it’s a field-specific topic), we need to make sure that article editing and writing new articles will be done by people who have intimate knowledge in anti-spoofing. Therefore, we provide access to the site only through a request form (free access or standard registration won’t work here), which includes: 1. Required fields: Name, Email, 2. Optional fields: Real name, CV attachment, Free text, References to pages with information about the potential user...

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How do I edit an article?

To be able to edit an article, you need to log in, find the article you need using Search feature, All articles, or through sidebar navigation and select an editing method that fits you best: 1. Edit is a content editing in WYSIWYG system, which does not require any skills in the syntax of wiki markup, and it works for CMS MediaWiki site (just like our site). 2. Edit source is a Wiki markup editor...

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How do I create an article?

To create an article, you need to log in to the site. Before you create a new article, please make sure that it is not yet on the site. For this, enter the topic in Search, check it in the All Articles section, or through the sidebar navigation. If not found, you can create an article in two different ways: 1. type the title into the search bar and click on it after the phrase “Create the page”, 2. or using the "Add article" button...

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