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Our encyclopedia is dedicated to the Spoofing Attacks and Antispoofing. Spoofing is a set of malicious techniques, which allow an attacker to pose as someone else or synthesize a completely fake, non-existent person to gain access to sensitive data, target’s money, etc.

Spoofing attacks have become an especially common practice since the advent of the mobile technologies. Internet of Things, face recognition, and other systems are also quite vulnerable in the face of this threat. Our goal is to propose the most effective remedies against liveness spoofing.

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Antispoofing techniques encompass a wide range of know-hows. Voice, retina, fingerprint, and facial recognition employ liveness parameters to tell a real person from a perpetrator.

The antispoof checking analyzes the input data — such as the light distribution, face coloring, pop noises — to detect the fake body parts and synthesized media. In our articles, we are discussing the most successful methods and the best anstispoofing tools.

We also focus on the international standards, attack classification and types, terminology, and others aspects of the matter. To validate the data presented, we quote scientific publications, as well as popular media, and news.