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General Overview

Security solutions based on biometric recognition and authentication should meet a set of criteria. Typically, the following standards must be observed:

  • Accuracy. Algorithms employed in a state-of-the-art system should provide high accuracy and the lowest possible error rates (EER, FAR) as dictated by the performance metrics.
  • Reliability. All biometric data requires proper storage, management and protection in accordance with the specific regulations: GPDR, LGPD, DCIA, and others.
  • Non-intrusiveness. To provide convenience and minimize customer friction, passive biometric approaches are preferred.
  • Deployability. Biometric security shouldn’t be too costly or troublesome in terms of integration/installation.
  • Liveness detection. To prevent Presentation Attacks (such as facial deepfakes), a system in question must provide accurate liveness detection.

A number of scientific and commercial entities dedicate their efforts to developing solutions that satisfy the mentioned criteria.

Alice Biometrics

Logo Alice Biometrics

Founded in 2019, Alice Biometrics is a Spanish company. It mostly provides Know Your Client (KYC), remote identity proofing (RIDP), online onboarding, and other similar services that allow quick access for online users. The company’s proprietary solution dubbed ‘ALICE’ was featured at the IJCB 2017 and CVPR2019 conferences.


Situated in the US, began its career in 2011. The company focuses on providing solutions that make passwords and arduous logging process obsolete. (Somewhat mimicking the FIDO Alliance’s mission.) Other services include RIDP, automatic document validation, etc. Previously known as Ipsidy, the company received a $62.8 million funding and released a mobile app with multifactor authentication, which went unnoticed.

BioID GmbH

Logo BioID

A German company, which started in 2004, BioID GmbH designs identity verification, facial authentication and liveness detection systems. Its solutions are accredited by FIDO and compliant with the ISO/IEC 30107 standard of Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). One of its primary projects is the Verify platform, through which British citizens can prove their identities.


Logo CyberLink

CyberLink is a Taiwanese company founded in 1996 at the dawn of commercial biometric security. CyberLink’s main product is the facial recognition engine ‘FaceMe’, which, according to the developers, shows a 98.41% True Acceptance Rate (TAR) in terms of antispoofing. At the International Conference of Computer Vision, FaceMe was among the top 3 solutions. Apart from that CyberLink owns 200 patents.



DERMALOG Identification Systems is Germany's pioneer firm in biometric security founded in 1995. DEMRLAOG’s solutions — such as Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) — are used in smart voting, border control, banking, remote and in-face document processing, law enforcement, and other areas. According to the company, its face recognition system offers an outstanding performance: "1 billion matches per second on a single blade".


Logo FacePhi

Situated in Alicante, Spain, FacePhi has provided more than 1 trillion authentications since 2012. Its main focus is on digital onboarding and remote identity verification, which prevents identity theft. FacePhi’s solution has been tested on various facial Presentation Attack Instruments (PAIs) including deepfakes, photos and latex masks. The company has earned ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 2 certification from iBeta Quality Assurance (NIST-accredited). Among their clients are Swiss Medico, Banco del Pacifico, and others.


Logo FaceTec

Founded in 2013 in San Diego, FaceTec has attracted $4 million funding and provided online authentication to 350 million users. It aims at ensuring quick and reliable online onboarding together with digital identity proofing. Apart from earning Levels 1 and 2 during the NIST-certified PAD test, it also presents itself as the only antispoofing company with a recurrent bounty program. (The company mentions that iBeta’s tests are imperfect as they practically do not feature real-life attack scenarios.) Among its solutions, FaceTec offers a 3D FaceScan supported with a 3D FaceMap, which can differentiate real faces and photos.

Fingerprint Cards

Logo Fingerprint

Fingerprint Cards AB or Fingerprints is a Swedish biometric company from Gothenburg. Over the course of 20 years, it has sold 1 billion fingerprint sensors worldwide. One of its selling points is the high operating speed: it takes about 0.3 seconds to authorize an online payment with a fingerprint scan. Besides, the company has a proprietary know-how dubbed FPCLiveTouch, which does not require additional time to detect a spoofing attack. The company offers a library of e-books with infographics and statistics dedicated to fingerprint authentication.


Logo ID R&D

Founded in 2016, ID R&D is probably the best-known biometric security company. It offers a repertoire of products that cover various antispoofing issues. Among them are IDLiveFace and IDVoice Verified. IDLiveFace is compatible with smart gadgets and web cameras, while employing passive liveness detection methods, such as light distribution analysis. Besides, it needs no extra gear and requires just a single image to do a liveness check. IDVoice Verified can detect manipulated, pre-recorded or synthesized voices while having a 2.8 MB SDK size.

IDENTY Touchless ID

Logo IDENTY Touchless ID

IDENTY is an Indian-American company, which specializes in contactless biometrics. Its solution allows scanning fingerprints of ten fingers, while being compatible with budget gadgets that have low-end cameras. Then, the algorithm extracts fingerprint patterns and other parameters, so no artificial replacements can be used for a spoofing attack.


Logo iProov

iProov is a UK company founded in 2011. It has earned a Level B ISO/IEC 30107-3 certification, which makes its solutions immune to a wide range of facial PAs. The company specializes in making systems fit for uncontrolled environments. As of now, it has 24 patents and provides its services to the UK’s National Health System and US Department of Homeland Security, among others.

Oz Forensics

Logo Oz Forensics

Founded in 2016, Oz Forensics is an American company that focuses on preventing online fraud. (especially fraud types that feature deepfakes.) It has earned ISO 30107-3 certification including Level 2. Additionally, it won the SWIFT Innotribe Challenge with a 99.87% accuracy rate and successfully partook in the Labeled Faces in the Wild contest.


Logo Paravision

Founded in 2013, Paravision is an American company, which has attracted $52 million funding in 2021. Its product portfolio includes non-intrusive solutions for face recognition, personal authentication and liveness detection. Paravision’s solutions are flexible in terms of deployment and scalability: from an office environment to a massive live event.

Sensible Vision

Logo Sensible Vision

Founded in 2005, Sensible Vision is an American company, which offers a continuous face recognition know-how enhanced with multifactor authentication. Dubbed SensibleVision, the solution can recognize faces occluded with makeup or facial hair, while staying immune to Presentation Attacks and requiring perfect face alignment.

Shufti Pro

Logo Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is a London-based company, which provides such services as AML screening, KYC, OCR-based automatic document verification, identity proofing, facial verification, and so on. Striving to bring convenience, it focuses on contactless systems.


Logo Socure

Socure is an American company founded in 2012. It provides an online platform for digital identity verification for 750 customers. Its DocV system (Document Verification solution) has earned the PAD Level 2, while offering a 99.5% accuracy.


Logo Yoti

Yoti is a British company founded in 2014. It provides secure and reliable digital identities. The solution is supported with age estimation, liveness check and KYC. Besides, it offers a mobile app to provide on-the-go access to the user’s digital ID.


What are the main companies in biometric anti-spoofing?

A number of key companies develop anti-spoofing solutions.

Among the leading biometric companies that focus on security solutions it’s possible to highlight ID R&D, CyberLink, BioID GmbH, Sensible Vision, and others. ID R&D is, by far, the best-known company, which offers a rich scope of solutions: physical access security, robust customer authentication, digital onboarding, anti-spoofing, and others.

CyberLink is one of the pioneering companies, which started in 1996. Their product called FaceMe demonstrates a 98.41% True Acceptance Rate (TAR). BioID GmbH is a FIDO-accredited German company that offers RIDP and liveness detection know-hows compliant with ISO standards.

Which countries are the most developed in terms of biometric anti-spoofing?

It is predicted that the biometric anti-spoofing company market will reach a $50 billion capitalization worldwide in 2023 and by 2027 its revenue will reach $99,36 billion. (Data provided by Statista.)

It is estimated that India has the biggest biometric-based initiative in the world with the Aadhaar (foundation in Hindi) program, which allows citizens and foreign visitors to receive electronic identities based on their individual biometric data.

The US has a number of famous biometric security companies. China is known as the country with the biggest number of surveillance cameras (540 million in 2021), which implies that they are equipped with facial recognition.


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