Are there any databases of the same people of different ages?

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A limited number of facial aging datasets exists, as of today.

Facial aging databases are presented in 4 main examples: MORPH, FG-NET, PCSO_S, and LEO_LS.

MORPH is an extensive longitudinal dataset that contains more than 400,000 photos retrieved from 70,000 individuals. Its main advantages are periodic updates that introduce new samples and detailed metadata accompanying each image.

FG-NET is a humbler specimen with 1,002 photos provided by 82 volunteers. The photo quality is non-professional, so the dataset can be used for rehearsing ‘unconstrained scenarios’ that biometric solutions often deal with.

PCSO_S contains a large collection of mugshots and LEO_LS offers 31,852 images of 5;636 people.

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